The Best KBBQ At LA’s Night Markets

Ktown Night Market wrapped up last month on the 17th, and it was a huge success for Kobunga! Thank you to all who came out, tried out a slice of tender 5 hour roasted pork belly, ribeye bulgogi, spicy chicken, cucumber kimchi pickles, and napa cabbage kimchi.

We loved meeting the community and fellow foodies who shared their love for Asian cuisine (and Lamar Odom!). Take a look at all the delicious food that was shared across social media!

Flashback to Ktown Night Market

Special photo shoutouts to Lamar Odom, @eddiemsn, @ktownnightmarket, and @hungrygirlsquad!


Now that Ktown Night Market is over, we’re excited to meet all the new and returning food enthusiasts at 626 Night Market from July 21-23.

Looking Forward To 626 Night Market With LA’s Best KBBQ

Don’t miss the hottest Korean BBQ joint that will be joining the 626 Night Market this year - Kobunga Korean Grill. From 4pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday, and 4pm to 11pm on Sunday, Kobunga Grill will be serving fresh KBBQ plates with delicious cuts of meat and side dishes which are completely vegan and gluten-free!

We’re looking forward to all your photos! Follow us on Instagram and tag us when you see us.

See You At 626 Night Market To Try The Best KBBQ!

Get ready to chow down on more Korean goodness this month at 626 Night Market in Arcadia. We’ll be there ready with our top hits - roasted pork belly and bulgogi with fresh kimchi and cucumbers. If you miss us at this event, don’t worry! We’ll be around the 626 Night Market that takes place from August 11-13 as well. See you soon!